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When is the best time to sell my home?

Selling your home in winter

There is a perception that it is not a good decision to list your property in winter, but there are not any real statistics to back that up. There are slightly fewer homes that come to market in winter. Listing your property means less competition and an active buying market, keeping an eye out for their dream home no matter the season! 80% of buyers prefer to see a house online first before they buy. Winter allows you to present the warmth of your home and highlight the important features.


Selling your home in autumn

The impact of trees is often overlooked when it comes to selling a home in autumn. Make sure your garden is looking its best to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. There are plenty of prospective buyers in autumn, but you may not have as many other properties to compete with and this could improve your chances of a quick property sale at the best possible price


Selling your home in spring

There are numerous homes on sale in spring. A fresh coat of paint on your home’s exterior and new varnish on your wooden windows can also go a very long way towards improving the appeal of your home. You’re competing with the best house in your neighbourhood. If there are only a few neighbouring homes for sale, there’s a good chance that you’ll compare favourably and capture the attention of buyers.


Selling your home in the summer

Get ready to see an influx of “For Sale” signs this season. Set the scene and help them imagine their future holidays with friends and family. While summertime brings more buyers to the table, not all of them are necessarily serious. Make sure your agent pre-approvals the buyer before showing them the home. Don’t forget about the summer heat!  Make sure you’re prepared with plenty of bottled water, portable fans and sunscreen.


Desirability of location

Many aspiring property moguls think buying in any cheap neighbourhood will inevitably help them cash in a few years down the line. Location plays a crucial role in determining the value of a property. Your house may not be in the perfect location, but the right price will still be a key deciding factor. Many buyers will already factor in the average prices for the neighbourhoods they are shopping around in – therefore make sure you’re not pricing your house out of the market.


Market conditions

The key contributor to growth in property prices is the same principle across other fields of trade: supply and demand. When economies take a knock, it affects a consumer’s buying power. And when the demand for property drops, sellers have no option but to lower their prices. If you want to find the best time to sell your house – consider market conditions. Wait for signs of positive growth in the economy, before you put your house on the market.

Personal reasons

Before you decide to list, ask yourself why you are listing. If you do not have a good answer, maybe it is time to reconsider the sale. There are some ‘not so nice’ reasons why people may sell. We call these the 3 D’s – Death, Divorce & Debt. If you have experienced any of these bad experiences, we will try to help you, to the best of our ability, to make the process as streamlined as possible.

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